ORY Oathkeeper

Welcome to the ORY Oathkeeper documentation!

ORY Oathkeeper is a reverse proxy which evaluates incoming HTTP requests based on a set of rules. This capability is referred to as an Identity and Access Proxy (IAP) in the context of BeyondCorp and ZeroTrust.

In principal, ORY Oathkeeper inspects the Authorization header and the full request url (e.g. https://mydomain.com/api/foo) of incoming HTTP requests, applies a given rule, and either grants access to the requested url or denies access. The decision of whether to allow or deny the access request is made using ORY Hydra. Please keep in mind that ORY Oathkeeper is a supplement to ORY Hydra. It is thus imperative to be familiar with the core concepts of ORY Hydra.

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